Quebec reduces deadline for applications for Quebec Selection Certificate to 60 days

Applicants from the Quebec Skilled Worker Program who receive an invitation to apply for a Quebec Certificate of Selection will only have 60 days to submit a complete application, the provincial government announced on June 26. 

The new deadline reduces the previous 90-day period by 30 days.

A similar reduction was introduced last year for the Federal Express Entry System .

Reducing the deadline for submitting applications is one of three new measures that come into effect immediately.

Quebec has also announced that the declarations of interest currently in the Québec Skilled Worker applicants bank will remain valid for an additional six months.

The extension applies to all expressions of interest that are currently in the program’s applicant bank.

The third measure provides that the expression of interest profiles of candidates who refuse an invitation to submit an application for a Québec selection certificate (CSQ) will remain in the candidate bank for the entire period of validity.

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